Marco teaches us how to cross our legs.

Marco teaches us how to cross our legs.

After this drink, Marco proclaimed that this blog must be titled, “Five Guys Making Shit,”

Our lawyers respectfully disagreed, and thus Five Men Making Sh!t was born instead. We decided that our new-found cocktail crafting prowess should be shared with the world, so we post primarily about the cocktails and drinks that we’re making and enjoying in our home bars and kitchens.

But hey, you might want to get some food in you before you have some of those, and we’ve got you covered on that front too. We also like to post about other things we’re interested in from time to time when the mood strikes.

At the end of the day, we’re just a group of ordinary men who want to help the home bartender and chef level up their game. We hope this blog provides you with some useful sh!t.

So who are these five men?

Well actually, we were a few cocktails deep by the time we decided to make this, so we miscounted, but the name stuck.

Sebastian Ortega

Favourite Cocktail: Old Fashioned


Sebastian Ortega was born to make drinks. Plain and simple. His love of cocktails is infectious and for good reason – his drinks are the sh!t.

Sebastian’s passion for cocktails led the Men to discover an untapped world of drinks they never knew existed. His efforts and research played a major role in starting this blog.

Considering himself a ‘purist’, Sebastian prefers to stick to traditional recipes when dealing with classic cocktails. He loves trying new things, but may look at you with a very judgemental expression if you confuse a Corpse Reviver #1 with a Corpse Reviver #3. Amateurs…

Brandon Wright

Favourite Cocktail: Vesper Martini


Although one of the nicest men you’ll ever meet, Brandon Wright has the more important distinction of having the most epic beard in the world – or at least among the Men.

He’s very open-minded and likes trying new things and introducing them to the group. His posts on the Salt Lick and the Amante Picante are two such examples.

Often confused for Hugh Jackman with his epic beard and impressive physique, Brandon is a true techie as well as the final editor of the site. He’s a reliable and calming presence and that comes out in his consistently delicious drinks. The hulking good looks don’t hurt either.

Marco Provenzano

Favourite Cocktail: Corpse Reviver #2


It was this very man that christened the name of this blog. The Martini he was drinking at the time may have played a role in that, but Marco Provenzano was the most vocal voice of encouragement in getting the concept of this blog off the ground.

Along with being the most Italian-looking of the men, Marco is a natural cook. He has worked in various restaurants and deli’s and has a lot of experience making a variety of dishes. His father was also a great chef, so making sh!t comes naturally to him – it’s in his DNA.

More recently, Marco gained a similar passion for cocktails. His home bar is always stocked and he takes the time to produce finely crafted cocktails that his guests love – when he’s not too busy twirling his moustache like a cartoon supervillain.

Anthony Di Virgilio

Favourite Cocktail: Skinos Old Fashioned


Our resident photographer, Anthony Di Virgilio makes all of our sh!t look good.

Anthony has gained a lot of experience in photo-taking and image processing and is a huge asset to the blog. His perfectionism is the reason most FMMS photos look so detailed. You can see more of his work on his personal photography blog, advphotography.ca.

He’s also an avid writer, having written personal stories for side projects and in-depth blog posts on wine and Absinthe.

Mano Kardaras

Favourite Cocktail: Gin Martini


Coming from a Big Fat Greek family, Mano Kardaras brings that perspective to the blog. His food, like his Tzatziki and Horiatiki recipes, caters to a lot of tastes, but he’s also introduced the Men to lesser-known Greek wonders such as Mastiha liqueur. He tends to prefer his cocktails on the simpler side.

Mano likes to write and brings some different types of posts to the blog such as his Style Icon series.

Bruno Meliambro

Favourite Cocktail: Negroni


Bruno Meliambro has the distinction of hosting the men at his place when the idea of this blog was born. Naturally, he takes most of the credit because of this.

Big, loveable Bruno is a pragmatist. His number one priority for this blog is to share recipes with the word while making sure to have fun – a noble sentiment indeed.

Bruno has had a love of food and drinks for a long time and has been cooking for friends as long as he can remember. His passion for seeking out unique cocktails such as the Cucumberous are what drove some of the men to start thinking outside the box, but his Flank Steak and Grilled Chicken recipes are pure food porn.

Bruno is FMMS’s King of Meat. You don’t get much bigger than that.


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