Air Gunner Cocktail

August 1, 2014

With the summer temperatures getting more intense, finding an appropriate drink can be a challenge. A beer is always a safe bet for the season, but there are also several cocktails that are refreshing and light to combat the heat. One that I recently discovered is the Air Gunner cocktail. Its intimidating title doesn’t really mesh with the drink itself, but it’s a great choice for the patio or pool.


Photos by ADV Photography

Here’s how I make it. Feel free to experiment with the amounts:

4 oz vodka
1 oz lemon juice
1 oz of simple syrup
2 drops Bols Blue or Blue Curaçao

Pour ingredients into a collins glass with ice and stir.

The original recipe calls for a bit more vodka and lemon juice, but I’ve settled on less as it was too sour for my tastes.


You’ll find it’s a smooth, almost lemonade-like cocktail that goes down well on a hot day. The blue liqueur gives it an awesome aqua colour that looks very appealing – especially in the sun. It’s great at a BBQ just before a meal and you’ll score some brownie points by making them for any ladies that may be around.

Just be aware that although it goes down smooth, there is quite a bit of vodka in it. Keep that in mind or you may start to imitate an air gunner yourself after a couple drinks. Pew pew!

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